Sunday, February 8, 2015


The more I write, the more I realize that the world can be (and often is) very shitty. Initially, I restarted this blog with the intent of posting regular updates and musings on locating myself in activism or just existentially. After I started writing more into my books and thesis though, periodical blogging for me just didn’t take off. Who knows if it will now? Personally, I’m more one for posting the quick (one or two liner) update on social media then going back to writing…since Lord knows I’m buried in all kinds of books.

But I just couldn’t resist updating this blog after seeing where it left off and considering what happened to me tonight.

Tonight, I discovered a message from someone concerned about a recent viral hashtag that’s taken Twitter by storm—and why was discovery imperative, you may ask? Well, because the creator of this hashtag is none other than the notorious Dunham apologist, Clementine Ford. For those [few] of you who tuned into my blog around late last year, you must’ve been following the Dunham controversy—remember that little matter of her book and choice contents? Except that matter proved not to be so little and incited legions devout Dunham fans out of the woodwork, one of whom was Clementine Ford. Apparently, rape (particularly CSA) apologism is high art when Lena Dunham indulges it for literal shits and giggles.

…which is why I find it ironic that Clementine Ford is currently riding the coattails of some contrived feminist hashtag. Maybe we should start another hashtag: #QuestionsForRapeApologists or #QuestionsForDunham?

I mean, how disenchanted do you have to be not to get this?

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